Could it actually be happening? Will the Celtics have their entire roster tomorrow vs the Heat?

First off all, get out of here with any jinx nonsense. A fan site making a joke about a team finally having their full roster for the first time this season isn't going to magically cause a Celtics player to get injured or sit out. And the Celtics due a good enough job of their own with coming up with new ways to have players miss games. With that said, tomorrow could finally be the day we see what this Celtics team in its full glory is capable of.

That team would be Kemba, Jaylen, Tatum, Time Lord, and either Fournier or Smart starting, with the other being the 6th man. Add in Tristan Thompson as your 7th man/big off the bench and you have the vast majority of your playoff rotation.

Teams tend to play shorter rotations in the playoffs, but still expect Payton Pritchard, Aaron Nesmith, and Grant Williams to round out the rotation. This is the team that Danny Ainge envisioned when he made the trade deadline deals shipping out Daniel Theis and bringing in Evan Fournier. On paper it's always looked rather intriguing, but we've only ever seen it on paper. At least one of those first seven, and typically two or three, tend to be out every game.

If you're a glass half full person, you say now is the time when everyone will stay healthy and click. No back-to-backs in the playoffs mean you get Kemba Walker every night. And you'll also convince yourself that all the games Time Lord and Jaylen have sat out were just maintenance days and they'll play in most if not all the playoff games.

If you're a glass half empty person, you'll definitely expect the players who have missed a lot of games this season to break down again.

Personally since we're dealing with Robert Williams I wouldn't strongly assume he will play tomorrow like I would with other players listed as "probable." I think Time Lord's future will depend on whether or not he can get past the oft-injured label which has plagued him his first few years. He has all the skills in the world, but availability is one of the most important abilities. And since Jaylen is listed as "questionable" I'd put the odds of him playing around 65%.

It's now or never time for Brad Stevens to actually get the chance to have a full roster. The playoffs are just around the corner.