Who says no to this deal?

Let’s break down this trade. The proposal has Boston shipping out the heart and soul Marcus Smart to Atlanta along with former Hawk all-star Jeff Teague who has had a rocky season in Boston. 

Atlanta would part with Cam Reddish, who has been rumored to be available in trades and in a position where Atlanta has plenty of depth especially with Smart coming into play. Atlanta would also ship out Kris Dunn as a salary piece as well as to make room for Smart and Teague in the rotation. Reddish and Dunn would be sent to Orlando as part of a three team deal. They would then send Ramon Rondo back to his first home of Boston where he made his name and won a title. The Hawks get to add an all-NBA defensive talent, semi-reliable shooter and leader to its roster to compliment Trae Young’s offense and they also get old buddy Jeff Teague who seems to play well in Atlanta. 

The Orlando Magic would then send Aaron Gordon to Boston. The C’s would also kick in a top ten protected first round pick to Orlando in this scenario to abide by what the Magic want in return for Gordon. Orlando ends up shedding some salary, gets a first round pick along with a young offensive and defensive stud shooting guard along with a solid backup point guard who is only 27.

Boston makes out with Aaron Gordon and the return of a fan favorite and pass first point guard Rajon Rondo who could really step up the Jay’s off-ball game. The C’s need to part with their leader and soul of the team but it may be the best time to do so as he’s on such a team friendly contract. If they don’t plan to sign Smart to something like 16-20 million a year in two seasons then now is the time to move him if it can get you another piece like Aaron Gordon that can compliment the current core. 

My guess, is this probably isn’t quite enough for Boston to trade Smart in Danny and Brad’s eyes, but is probably what the other two teams would ask for as us Celtics fans tend to value Smart more than most around the league it seems. A deal with smart will most likely need to land someone like Collins but I’m not sure Atlanta would make that deal.