Commissioner Adam Silver talks potential future NBA logo change, financial losses, & a return to normal next season

NBA commissioner Adam Silver gave his State of the League presser yesterday ahead of today's All-Star Game. Silver put the kibosh on any imminent logo change to Kobe Bryant. He correctly pointed out that the league already named the NBA All-Star Game MVP award in Bryant's honor. Silver says the league would be open to making a change at some point, but now is not the right time. Silver added that Kobe would be on the list of greats they would consider.

I wrote a lot more on this topic a week ago, so feel free to read that. Silver also spoke of the financial losses NBA owners have suffered due to the pandemic. But honestly I have a very hard time shedding any tears for billionaires who make hundreds of millions or even north of a billion when they cash in and sell their teams. Being an NBA owner is limited to the extreme rich and they should look at their purchasing of a team as a long term investment.

Any single season losses are dwarfed by the value increase in their respective teams. So when a team lets a free agent go if its about the salary cap and having the ability to sign some max free agent that's one thing. But if it's about an NBA owner not wanting to pay the luxury tax or more of it, then they should probably sell their team and cash out then. NBA owners should prioritize having the most talented team over saving some money for their 9th house or 12th boat.

A return to normal next season with full capacity arenas would be amazing. Not that I can afford to go to many games, but it's a more fun viewing experience on the delayed stream if there are fans in the background. A lot of this will depend on what percentage of Americans get vaccinated and how things fare with COVID variants.