A lot of GM's are reportedly "ticked off" that Ainge tried to trade "damaged goods" Kemba Walker in the offseason

One concern you have when you have a GM for almost 20 years is that you might not be able to trade with all 29 remaining teams due to your reputation. We've heard before the complaint that teams don't want to trade with Ainge because he asks for too much. Now we also may have an issue with Ainge possibly not being completely honest with trade partners if Ric Bucher is to be trusted. And to be honest this would be a weird thing for a veteran reporter to make up. Possibly embellish some, but make up completely?

Of course the Celtics famously traded Isaiah Thomas and a Nets pick for Kyrie Irving which seemed like a very bad deal at the time, but made more sense once you realized that the Isaiah we knew wasn't going to the the same Isaiah moving forward. The Cavs were pissed after a closer look at the medicals and the physically. The Celtics eventually had to only cough up an extra 2nd rounder, which isn't exactly an acquittal of the charges. More a plea deal since the Nets pick was what the Cavs most desired. The Cavs would draft collin Sexton with that pick and trade IT to the Lakers and well you all know how things turned out with Kyrie in Boston.

Maybe Danny didn't know Isaiah's injury was that bad? That's up to you to decide. And based on Walker's play this season he looks pretty recovered from his injury physically. It's just the fact that he's not playing like an All-Star. So in Danny's defense he could say it was known Walker's knee was an issue in the Bubble/last season. And Walker isn't alone in terms of vets who aren't playing in back-to-backs. But yes, having other GM's ticked off at Danny is not good for the Celtics. Especially when they are ticked off and you didn't even first complete a trade.

I guess thinks could be worse. You could be the clueless GM who everyone LOVES because you know you can always go to that well to make a quality trade for your team. I hope Toucher and Rich ask Danny about this rumor on their weekly interview. If it’s not true and Danny disclosed to other teams Walker's knee issue he should clear it up, so it doesn't hurt the Celtics in potential future trade talks.