What are the tips to bet on Celtics?

Basketball is a popular game and so is betting on this game. Read on to know how you can bet on the game.


How to bet on Celtics : Ready to bet?

Basketball is one of the very important sports out there, which people all over the globe enjoy watching as well as playing. Not only this, given loads of money that people can earn through basketball betting, there is no dearth of people who enjoy betting in several leagues and tournaments every year. In the basketball world, the Celtics is one of the top teams, and below we have mentioned the tips and tricks to bet on the Celtics.

  1. Point spread

It is one of the most common methods that can be used to bet on Celtics during a basketball match. In this method, the team that is predicted to win is called the favorite, whereas the team predicted to lose is called the underdog. For betting, the team likely to win gives or lays points to the team likely to lose. Now, if there is a match between Celtics and Cavaliers, the majority of the gamblers would place their bet on the Celtics to win the match. However, if according to the point spread, the Celtics is a 10-point favorite they have to win by 11 or more points to make sure that the people who betted on it win. On the other hand, people betting on the Cavaliers would win their wagers if the Cavaliers won or lost by nine points or less. 

It should be understood that there is bias in the market in favor of underdogs. In the majority of the cases, when a team is believed to have no chance of winning the game, the spread is usually in their favor.

  1. Betting On Popular Teams

The average client likes to bet on popular teams. When it comes to the NBA, the most popular team is the Los Angeles Lakers, which results in gamblers betting for the win of this team based on its reputation. Nevertheless, the statistics show a different picture.

In the last 10 seasons, when playing at home as favorites, the Lakers have a strike rate of around 46%. Moreover, additional research suggests that when highly favored at home, Lakers perform poorly. Over the last 10 seasons, when playing at home, the Lakers have a strike rate of around 37%. Other popular teams, like, Celtics and the likes, show similar stats. This shows that there are teams that the average gambler automatically believes to be good. A number of these teams have always been popular, while others are a well-known name only in the present times. Therefore, before placing a bet thorough research must be undertaken to find the teams that are doing good.

  1. Parlays and Teasers

This kind of betting is also known as exotic bets. Here, gamblers must appropriately guess the winners of two or more games. On parlays, gamblers have the option of betting against the point spread or using the money line, whereas teasers are made using the point spread, and players can alter the point spread in their favor. In this kind of betting, all of your teams must win, or the complete bet is a loss. Even in the case you rightly pick five out of six games, it is a loss.


  1. Betting On Totals

It is a popular kind of betting on basketball, and the number of points scored will differ considerably based on the league. In the NBA, point totals will be between 180 – 220, while in European basketball, the point total can be between120 - 160.

To do this kind of betting, you should not pay any attention to short term averages, and should instead look at how frequently a team's game has gone over or under a given points total. You can also take into account recent meetings between teams. It will help you understand what to see in the game. Also, consider how teams play when they are at home and when not. You should also take into account the condition in which the team is playing. 


These methods given above will help you with betting in basketball and help you in case you want to bet on the Celtics. The important thing to note is that no matter how much you learn about betting, in the end, it is a gamble, and everything depends a lot on the luck. However, if you play your card right, the whole process will not only be entertaining, but you surely will also make a lot of money in the game.