Video: Tristan Thompson continues to practice extending his range beyond the arc this offseason

The man just can't miss! I mean the video would be better if it wasn't edited, but its still nice to see. My favorite YouTube comment was, "Still tryna determine if im watching gifs or this man is actually draining these."

Don't expect Tristan to become a big time 3 point threat, but he added the shot to his game last season and shot an impressive percentage in that small sample. Danny Ainge picked Tristan to be the Celtics big edition this offseason, so whether he starts or not expect a major role and minutes out of Thompson.

The Celtics haven't really let a big man fight for offensive boards in so many years now, I can't remember who the last guy was. This started with the KG era Celtics where Doc Rivers preferred his bigs to get back on defense. And the theme stayed the same with Brad Stevens as the whole NBA now prefers that approach.

Hopefully the Celtics can strike a balance between letting Tristan do the old school big man stuff he's excellent at while incorporating the modern NBA approach.