Just throw in the towel Danny, take the L, & move on (Update: The L was taken, but could have been worse)

The Hornets were not able to find a taker for Nicolas Batum's gigantic expiring contract so have decided to waive and stretch him. This of course was their original plan 8 days ago before Danny Ainge tried to interest Michael Jordan in a sign-and-trade. There are conflicting reports whether a S&T is still even possible, but with Batum being waived it would mean the Celtics would have to give in draft picks to get a TPE. It's time to close up shop here Danny. Just take the L and move on. Trading a 1st rounder for a TPE would just make matters worse. You called Hayward and the Pacers bluff, played hardball and lost. It happens. Learn from it. Trust me most Celtics fans still have their blind trust in you.

Note to Celtics fans (especially the ones on Twitter), you can love the Celtics and not be a Danny "hater," but still be objective and call a Fail a Fail. Just say "Hey he made that great trade with the Nets. Drafted Marcus. Hired Brad. Traded for KG. No one's perfect. He messed up here. Move on and learn from it."

p.s. No matter how many times I type "Batum," this stupid Mac will change it to "Tatum."

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