Green Envy: What Heat fans said; (9/25)

The Celtics used a *checks notes* stellar 3rd quarter to gain and ultimately hold onto a lead in their Friday night do or die game against the Miami Heat. The series is now at 3-2 with game 6 coming on Sunday. The Celts started this game off with shades of the last game's effort that saw them fall into a 1-3 hole in the first place and you could hear the collective sighs of every fan around the globe. Keeping that in mind, the Heat fans had a lot of hope leading up to halftime. Most claiming the series was over. It was fun seeing the decline in optimism for the game. Also for some reason they really enjoy Solomon Hill minutes. Let's hear more of what they had to say!

Top Comments

UD gotta Go Marcus Smart on em in the locker room after the game

Don Riley is not pleased

What a low effort game when you have them on the ropes. Tonight's team must have been sponsored by Habitat For Humanity with all the bricks we laid.

Fuck it put UD in.

Solomon "will ball for food" Hill

The Best of The Rest

UD better start yelling and throwing chairs after


All Tatum does ls push off, travel, and miss buzzer beater 3s

Anyone know if Spo was there tonight?

Ducan Robinson with a career high 4 points in the paint. We love to see it.

Were just gonna gamble on making our three’s now.

We still have shooters. Jae just is definitely not one of them.

We won't shoot this bad from three again
We said that in game 3
To be fair, we shot WORSE

Refs are on auto-whistle tonight

We’re all like, “But what if we start passing and scoring now with less than 3 minutes left?”

45% fg but 18% 3pt ...
Bro I think I shoot 18% from 3
i think we all do

Shit, call Tony brothers back in this shit is worse (holy crap are you for real?)

Every brick is less money on Jae's next contract lol

Crowder got his shooting powers robbed by a monstar

I think it’s vitally important for Jae Crowder to suck at his job less.

I hate going to bed sports-angry lol.

Did the refs make them shoot sub 20% from 3?

Duncan better slasher than dwade??????? (hol up. wait)

Yo I fucking hate the Celtics bitch asses. Beating them will make it that much sweeter they are one of the softest fucking teams I’ve ever seen. Fucking bitch about everything when they are benefitting from most calls. Oh and fuck the refs. (who pissed in this guy's coffee?)

What a low effort game when you have them on the ropes. Tonight's team must have been sponsored by Habitat For Humanity with all the bricks we laid.

Bench Jimmy for not playing hard, Spo. Again.

Pat riley better start throwing chairs and kicking trash cans in the locker room they need to wake up for game 6

This loss is scary. I can see the Celtics discovering themselves this game. When we win it’s close, when they win it’s blowouts...
That’s not good (how astute of you ;))

Fuck it put UD in.

What a disgrace tonight. Do we even want to win this game? Bam outplayed by their. Wtf (Put some respect on Theis' name!)

UD gonna kill a mf tonight. Everyone better be shooting shots after the game.

Game off I can’t watch this shit any longer disgusting performance from us

Heat fans will shelter butler again though

The worst thing is the Celtics fans still gonna say the refs helped US all game. Fuck you Scott Foster. Fuck you Tony Brothers. I'm out. Good night

Jayson Tatum could pull a glock out and shoot Bam in the face and it would somehow be called a flagrant 2 on Chris Silva (LMAO okay this one made me laugh)

Man, this series has really tainted my opinion of Kemba walker as a b-ball player
I thought he was a gamer, not a soft flopper

God dammit bro we really cant blow teams out when they’re literally letting us try to

Jaylen the only player on the C's thats really trying his heart out, edit that boy into a heat jersey NOW!

Paul Pierce tears hit different

Pierce probably thinks Boston in 8

I see marcus smart has activated flop mode. Hes fallen after every possession

Brad Stevens is the ultimate Chick-fil-A manager

Jesus Christ. Who turned our sliders down?

I didn't know we were facing James Harden

Kemba should get an Oscar for all those flops

Smart and Lowry are the most annoying fucking guards

Can we make every games be on tnt I don’t want to hear Paul the shitter pierce give his biased takes

We have to start hitting our shots, the Celtics found out they can flop their way to a win

Solomon Hill Fan Club Section


This homeless man is playing really good, we should sign him

Solomon Hill or Steve Nash? 😮(now wait just a minute there lol)

I feel like Spo plays Solomon Hill just to fuck with Brad Stevens's head lol

Dude keep Solomon on the court for the rest of the game. Fuck it, Keep him playing during halftime too.

That man Solomon set a Boulder Screen. He said ima use HM04, Strength (one for my pokemon fans haha)

I just love how every team shits on their players when they have bad games and most of the Celtics fans defend our own with ferocity and picks their head up. Proud to be a Celtics fan! Trust me, it's ugly right now over there. No one is safe on their forums. 

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