Kemba Walker: "There's no quit in us"

Kemba Walker was on SportsCenter last night after the game and discussed that he was happy with the energy and intensity the Celtics brought to Game 5 yesterday (assuming he means the 2nd half). Kemba was credited with turning things around in the locker room at halftime by simply telling his teammates to "settle down."

Regarding SportsCenter, I haven't really watched it in years since in my opinion its gone way down hill, but I will say I recently discovered (rediscovered?) Scott Van Pelt's late night SportsCenter which kind of reminds me of the old days. It came on after "The Last Dance" episodes when we all had absolutely zero sports to watch so the documentary was must watch TV. Well SVP would come on following it and it kind of reminded me of ESPN back in the Jordan days.

Then I stopped watching ESPN again and was watching either the local NBC Sports broadcasts because I love Mike Gorman doing play by play or TNT, but for this round there is no other option than ESPN so SportsCenter flows right in about 20 seconds after the final buzzer. Sorry for the tangent.

Back to Kemba. No he hasn't dominated in the playoffs like we hoped, but he also hasn't been jealous of the praise Tatum, Jaylen, or Marcus receive following good games. And he hasn't pointed fingers and called out the young guys like the previous point guard. We don't see most of the off the court stuff. Sounds like Kemba racks up a lot of assists during that time and had a huge one at halftime yesterday.