Green Envy: What Thunder fans said, 2/10

With the Celtics buckling up to play 6 of a stretch of 7 games on the road, they looked to extend a winning streak in OKC on Sunday afternoon. They did just that against 2020 All-Star Chris Paul and his troops. The Thunder, poised for a surprise appearance in the playoffs, have played well recently as well, having won four in a row before falling to Boston in a 1-point thriller in which Marcus Smart made the game winning steal. How did their fans handle the heartbreak at home?

Top 3

1. [Gordon Hayward] probably wishing he could produce male heir
2. [Marcus Smart] should go to the WWE
3. All the You Just Lost To memes

Some respect?

Boston is just a great defensive team

Celtics are tough, no shame

Boston’s a good team, so can’t be too upset I guess

Boy Tatum is a monster lmao

Some backhanded criticism

Boston is going nowhere in the playoffs. They are not close to the best in the east.

Tatum is ripping us apart but Jaylen Brown’s defense is overrated.

And then the rest of the slate

Wanamaker is such a hilarious name
He shares it with the world’s largest pipe organ

Gordon Hayward was left too wide open for too long on that last three. He missed because he had time to glance at all the happy couples at the game with little boys and girls in tow.
Probably wishing he could produce a male heir. Author’s Note: What?

I got the Boston stream today. I feel like I’m cheating on Cage and Fisher [OKC commentary] but I don’t care

... and of course, it wouldn’t be a Green Envy without some Marcus Smart commentary

He should go to the WWE

I hate him

Marcus Smart of course

What ever happened to flop fines! Lol

Finally, the memes by the Celtics fans on the Thunder media—I’ll put my favorite ones here (Yes, I know, this is cheating, this is Green Envy, it’s supposed to be Thunder fans, I’m prioritizing the important memes, shhh.)

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