Green Envy: What Warriors fans said; 11/15

The Golden State Warriors entered the game against the Boston Celtics with the worst record in the league. They went on to play as good a game as they’ve played in awhile and still left the game with the worst record in the league. I don’t feel bad for the Warriors fans after all their recent success, especially since they seem like a fair-weather bunch. The comments and interactions were low during the game. They were more interested in tanking and haircuts than anything else. See for yourself:

I don’t know how long it will take for me to get over the only insult I could find


I guess all it takes is 13 games to forget what it feels like

Yo we have a lead

How do we have a 15 point lead???

We look like an NBA team

I remember what it was like to root for tanking teams (spills out a drop of beer)

A win is a win and a loss is a tank win. I’m hyped.

Tank watch. Wiz. Grizz and Magic win.

What team is this and what have you done to our tank commanders?

Wanna see Dray go off but we tankin

Kerr forgot that we're tanking, so he put Poole in.


Great win for the tank

NBA draft order should be like the NFL... tanking is an art form.

Those damn NBA umpires!

Pretty obvious the umpires are on warriors side today.

‘Tis the season

I want a Dlo jersey for Christmas.

Ky Bowman’s new hair style got the fans going

Bowman out there looking like Jaden Smith with a beard lmao

Bowman's Brain Bleached too

Bowman got the worst hair i have ever seen wtf is that


If we get them to stare at Ky’s hair, they’ll be blinded by its effulgence for the rest of the quarter and it’s a guaranteed win!

I’m theorizing they Ky’s hair is a tribute to appease the Sun God Ra and gain his grace and powers in these troubling times.

I’m more likely to become the next Larry Bird than these comparisons being true

Having dlo is almost like having another curry on the roster

James Harden the poor mans Alec Burks

Eric "draymond "lebron james" green" paschall


We drafted mini Bron in the 2nd round

Refs treating Paschall like Steph.

We’ll wrap it up with some worthy randoms

Poole is taking money from Trump on the side to collect enough bricks to finish the wall by the end of the season

I got a feeling Embiid is gonna request a trade this offseason... he would be perfect on our team
>>>Stop. I can only get so erect

If a Dray 3 ended the half the whole bay area would collectively nut

Burks is now a household name throughout the Bay.
>>>Burks tho...don't leave us fam

Somebody get Dlo a snickers

Congrats, you beat the santa cruz warriors
>>>Bro the santa Cruz warriors have more players than this team

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