Boston Celtics' injury update for tonight's game against the New York Knicks

Allow me to preface this by saying that the Boston Celtics could beat the New York Knicks with half their team on the shelf. They've gotten comfortable playing with Enes Kanter out of the lineup. He's missed every game since the opener. And they played a great half of basketball en route to a win with Jaylen Brown eating chicken noodle soup and getting loaded up on fluids.

I'm starting to get a little nervous regarding Kanter's injury. His left knee contusion has him out tonight for the fourth straight game and he's been determined as day-to-day according to Danny Ainge. I'm waiting for a bad news tweet that he'll be out for an extended period. With the front court already thin and inexperienced, it'd be nice to see this team function with an NBA veteran big man in the rotation. His injured knee hasn't effected his mood though, as he may have taken the award for giving the worst Halloween treat of all-time.

After playing in Wednesday night's game, Theis is again listed as probable. Unless his ankle was re-aggravated, I'd be surprised if he sat this game out. Although Theis' offense hasn't arrived yet, he's been very solid. He's passing the eye-test. He knows what he's doing out there, which is proven by his impressive 99 defensive rating out of 100 possessions.

Jaylen sitting out last game was a surprise. He went through the morning shoot-around, but was too sick and was ruled out by the doctors. Since he was going to get a load of Giannis on Wednesday, it was more of a concern for the team since we weren't sure how it'd look. Well Marcus Smart happened and they were able to pull out the win. If Jaylen isn't feeling better, then he can sit this one out and it shouldn't effect the outcome. I'd rather him get 100% than infect other teammates with an illness.

UPDATE: Robert Williams is officially listed as doubtful with hip bursitis. Looking more like Theis will battle through his ankle soreness since he not listed on the injury report from this afternoon. Jaylen Brown has been downgraded to doubtful.