Have you seen James Harden’s new shot?

There has been a lot of Boston Celtics talk over the past couple of days since the preseason has officially started around here. But I want to take a breather and share something I found scouring the internet like I do.

James Harden with the lefty jumper | Photo: Frank Dunn/AP

The Houston Rockets have already played a preseason game against the Shangai Knights of China. They won the game by 70 points and James Harden had a triple-double with 17 assists. But the only highlight worth watching is this new shot he’s been working on.

This is reportedly something that he has been working on in the off-season. They say the great players add something new to their game every off-season. Harden has all the offensive tricks so he’s starting to create new moves.

I’m a fan of Jay King’s content, but I don’t agree with this comment on this. Don't encourage that thing. This shot is not something that will be hit with consistency and should be left at the bottom of the bag. If the purpose is to create more space for a shot, I think he does that pretty well. He’s led the league in scoring the past two seasons.

I seem to remember Isaiah Thomas trying something in an off-season for the Celtics a few years ago. I want to say that it was like a runner from the three-point line. We were told not to be surprised to see it games. He may have tried it once early on and we never saw it again.

Preseason is where you try things like this to get people to write blog posts on them, but I doubt we’ll see much of it in the future.