Brad Stevens: ‘I thought today was one of [Jayson Tatum’s] better practices that I’ve ever watched’

Brad Stevens popped into Team USA’s camp in Las Vegas yesterday. Chris Forsberg of NBC Sports Boston caught up with Brad to discuss some Jayson Tatum. Boston Celtics fans should be very excited about this one particular quote:

“I think he’ll benefit greatly from [the Team USA experience] and I saw it today,” said Stevens. "I thought today was one of his better practices that I’ve watched.”

With talk swirling of other NBA players dropping out of Team USA to manage wear-and tear and work with new teammates at home, coupled with Marcus Smart managing ankle soreness and calf stiffness, the Team USA experience can still benefit a lot of players. Tatum seems to be one of those benefiting the most.

It feels that Tatum is ready to take that leap the Celtics fans are expecting and there’s no better place for him to learn how to do that right now than with Team USA. Not only did his head coach arrive to check on the guys and watch from the sidelines, but Tatum and his Team USA teammates are surrounded by some of the best basketball minds in the world.

Gregg Popovich, the deserving head coach for the team, has been labeled as the best coach in the NBA for years, but Tatum’s former college coach and Duke University legend, Mike Krzyzewski, could be named in the same breath as other great basketball coaches of all-time. Tatum had this to say about his time with Coach K this week, according to Forsberg:

"The more experience, the more time I get with Coach -- I only got a year with him. I’m always thankful to have him when he’s around.”

"Everything he tells me, he means well. He just wants me to do better and be better. He’s a G.O.A.T., so I always listen to what he has to say."

Tatum is a young player that has the luxury of getting coached by the best right now. His mindset and current play should get Celtics fans excited about year three of the Jayson Tatum experience. He's gotten the attention of the best the game has to offer.

Photo courtesy of Thearon W. Henderson/2015 Getty Images