Marcus Smart adds NBA Hustle Award to First-Team- All-Defensive honor

I will get the negative stuff out of the way right now. It is unfortunate that Marcus Smart has now won two important awards - and had his best year - in a season when the Celtics under-performed so badly. He has just added the NBA Hustle Award after already receiving First-Team honors on the NBA's All-Defensive Team.

Per Kfor.Com's Brian Brinkley, the Hustle Award is based on the highest aggregate hustle score, which in turn uses marks for screen assists, deflections, charges drawn and shot contests. Smart picked up the two awards while also improving his shooting accuracy to 42%/36%/81% on field goals, treys and foul shots, respectively.

Granted, Marcus did not display the hustle-and-defensive prowess in the above tweet/video, but we know it is there. The best part is that we may not have yet seen the best basketball from Marcus Smart. Now about to enter his sixth season in Boston, he has always been a fan favorite with many of us right from the start - despite some errant shooting and temper flare-ups early on. Congratulations to Marcus for a well-deserved second honor!

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Photo via Charles Krupa/AP Photo