Green Envy: No Zion in NYC - What Knicks fans said 5/14/19

Things didn't quite at all pan out the way we wanted to for the Celtics this year, and while things are still a bit sour for C's fans that doesn't mean we can't take some time to relish in the failures of our enemies! The fans of the New York Knicks have essentially been so sure of many things breaking their way this offseason. They've been touting for months that they're going to be walking away with some comination of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Zion Willaimson/Anthony Davis. While they've been divided over whether or not they'd want to trade Zion for Davis, the majority of them have believed they would land three of those coveted players despite a couple of things:

A. They only had a 14.6% chance to land the number one overall pick with the new lottery odds.

B. The Knicks haven't signed a top-tier free agent in decades.

I know Celtics fans are torn over Kyrie Irving's future with the team after all the media shenanigans this year and the lackluster performance in the postseason, but please take some time to consider that if the Knicks walk away with no Zion and no KD, Kyrie or Davis the amount of fun we can have at their expense!

Top Three:

As Morpheus said...I have dreamed a dream...and now that dream is gone from me.

Could be worse but I can’t even watch RJ highlights since I will see Zion in them and become sad

I can already see it now...
The year is 2025. Zion Williamson and the New Orleans Pelican's ownership have finally had enough, forcing Zion to announce he will test FA the following summer. We Knicks fans will spend the entire season dreaming of finally landing a marquee free agent -- This one is all but a done deal! - after being spurned by Lebron, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving...only to have Zion to take his talents to Salt Lake City.

Delusions Still Running Rampant:

Assuming we draft RJ, how do we make that work with KD?

Trade whatever you need to get the top pick

Someone get Eli Zion's number!

We draft RJ now, then when Zion's FA season comes, who better to recruit him than his old college teammate?

Could pull a diva move and not even workout for anyone but the Knicks but I don't think that would be enough for him to drop
Zion could probably literally shoot himself in the foot and get picked first

We’re getting 2 max players with Ja or RJ. Zion or not, pretty excited for next season.
Noticed how you said two max players? We’re the Knicks- welcome Nikola Vucivic and Tobias Harris

Full Slate:

Why are we so cursed

My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

Zion looked hella disappointed

Ja or RJ. Fine with me. Seriously tho fuck the pels and Adam silver with these lottery odds

What a waste. A talent such as Zion going to a joke of a market like New Orleans. Maybe they will finally move to Seattle and he won’t have to waste away down there like AD did.
They will be in same situation with Zion as AD in 5 years.

Ah yes, the Smoothie King Center: The Mecca of Basketball

Zion is the real victim here.

I CANNOT see Zion in a Pelicans jersey

aaaand that's the last anyone has ever heard of Ja Morant, he spent the rest of his days playing in Memphis infront of a record crowd of 500 people

Maybe the Knicks now learned to stop tanking next season, because it has no effect on draft outcome.

It’s just our luck that we finally tank on purpose and the lottery is fixed to stop tanking

Serious question, couldn’t the Knicks have also possibly waited and used Porzingis as trade leverage to trade for the Pelicans #1 pick in this case where we didn’t get #1?

knicks still gonna fuck up the draft. "With the 3rd pick of the 2019 NBA draft the New York Knicks select Daniel Jones, Duke"
We gonna get some random French kid
Too soon.

People want to go full AD, but I'm thinking we make a move for that second pick. DSJ and the 3rd pick for Morant.
lollll you think DSJ has that kind of value?

I’m just happy we didn’t end up like the Suns, Cavs, and Bulls. I’m honestly just mad the Lakers always get rewarded when shit starts to go south.

RJ's game reminds me of Jalen Rose
i mean beggars can't be choosers but imagine going from expecting a legendary generational player to jalen rose

Beware rj Barrett everyone. He has talent however his confidence gets the best of him sometimes. If he can develop a consistent three point shot, he can become one of the best players in the league. If not, he will be Eric Bledsoe 2.0
Bledsoe is like 6’1 and Barrett is 6’7

These new lottery odds are really bad for the league, how can bad teams get better?

If I find out that Mills and Perry actually sleep tonight I'll be pissed. Explore every option starting right now.
Hope so. Phil would be comfortably sleeping by 9pm.

I can’t be mad. Look at Phoenix and Cleveland, they took big L’s tonight

Zion probably trying to figure out how much he can get in Latvia for a year and re enter draft

don't worry about the external noise...oh and can't forget, we now have another defined asset in the 2021 Dallas first rounder
That 2021 1st rounder is gonna look really nice if KP’s legs are still like uncooked spaghetti and Silver removes the one and done.

Getting really annoyed at the media dragging Knicks fans right now.

It’s getting annoying. They are clowning us but not the Suns, Cavs, or Bulls. They fell way farther. They act like Dolan controlled the damn ping pong balls.

In solace to my fellow Knicks fans, other #3 draft picks include Joel Embid, Bradley Beal, James Harden, Chauncey Billups, Michael Jordan, and also who am I kidding everything is terrible.

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