NBA News: David Griffin tabbed to run the Pelicans, Walton out in L.A, and Lue the frontrunner

Will GM LeBron rehire his former coach Ty Lue and trade for Anthony Davis with his former assistant GM David Griffin? 

NBA spring cleaning continues. Luke Walton join Dave Joeger and JB Bickerstaff on the head coach unemployment line, while LeBron buddy Ty Lue is now the frontrunner to coach the Lakers. Not sure if David Griffin's past relationship with LeBron will help mend fences between the Pelicans and Lakers and re-open Anthony Davis trade talks, but I think it helps the Lakers some. My guess is Griffin will be open to taking the best offer the Pelicans can get regardless of who it is.

My fear that the Celtics will end up having to give up everything and the kitchen sink, as well as draft rights to future kitchen sinks to top the Lakers offer has not been alleviated. There also is the possibility that the Pelican snag a top pick in this draft and the Pelicans and Davis decide to give it another go this upcoming season.