No luck of the Irish as Celtics essentially lose all draft tiebreakers

Well that didn't exactly work out as planned.

In the 3 way tie breaker with the Kings pick, the Celtics got the worst outcome. In the two way tie with the Spurs with the Clippers pick again the C's lost. And with the two way tie with Oklahoma City and our own pick, once again we lost.

The pick that is most confusing is the Grizzlies pick that we own. In that 3 way tie New Orleans gets #7, the Grizzlies get #8 and the Hawks get #9. The Hawks pick would remain with the Mavs if it moves up into the top 4. And the Grizzlies pick would remain with Memphis if it moves up into the top 4 or stays at 8. If it falls to 9, 10, or 11 it becomes ours. Pretty decent chance it falls to #9.

The Celtics say they don't want the pick to convey this season, but if you're counting on the Grizzlies pick to be gold in two years, realize that things can change for the worse. Just like the Kings improved quite a bit this year, you add a top pick this year to Jaren Jackson Jr and then another top pick next season, and I could see the 2020-2021 Grizzlies being pretty good and thus the pick ending up worse than #9.

The Celtics though likely view the potential for lottery gold down the road as a more attractive trade piece than #9 in this draft. At least that's the rumor.

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