Green Envy: What Wizards fans said - 4/9/19

I've done a lot of Green Envys in my time, and while I've seen many fans rooting for their team to lose, never have I seen such dedication to tank as I saw last night from these Wizards fans. It's almost as if they willed their team to lose to the Celtics reserves after leading big early. An inspirational effort to say the least.

Top Three:

This game is just depressing me to watch. Having to root against our guys, the other team blatantly trying to forfeit, and our guys on the floor still playing with pride. Just sad to watch.

wait C-Webb is a Wizards fan?
i mean we traded him like the idiots we are but maybe he liked it here?
Traded him for AARP version of Mitch Richmond!

A lot of Celtics fans here in Washington
Are you guys sure it's not just Wizards fans rooting for a loss?

I can taste the L my body is ready!

Ian Mahinmi, tank commander:

A Mahinmi 3? We sure this isn't a sign of the end times?

I hope that first Mahinmi 3 emboldens him to take minimum 7 more tonight.

Manhimi pull up 3's every possession let's go.

We’d literally be winning if Mahinmi wasn’t playing. He is single handedly giving us Zion

mahinmi has four fouls we gotta be worried about him fouling out
First time I’ve heard something like this and I don’t know how to react and feel...

How you gonna give Mahinmi more minutes than Beal😂
for the culture


We need to ice this game with some fourth quarter hero-ball right now
superstar ian mahimi is ready for that role

Full Slate:

Boston commentators asking if we would sign John Wall if we could redo it all over again. I just don't think I can honestly say yes.

I literally cannot believe who the Celtics have ruled out for tonight. I hope Beal plays for like fifteen minutes.

noone else can score other than terry and jaylen for them lol

God we're literally gonna win this game aren't we
Unless we totally call it a game for the starters at halftime, yes, I think we will. Unforgivable.

Beal gonna earn All-NBA off the back of these highlights

Alright well if we're gonna do the stupid thing and win, we might as well just watch Brad pop off

somebody at the arena start a tank for zion chant please

how are we gonna blow a 14 point lead when ians scoring and 1s

Didn’t we just sign a new g-leaguer? Get that man in the game, already.

Idk how we're supposed to lose this game playing like this... Its like men VS boys out there.

celtics really had to throw their f- team at us tho smh

I know its in our best interest to lose but good grief, losing to this Celtics team would be pathetic.

Yes! Celtics- take our energy.

see THIS is what I'm talking about

from almost scoring 40 in the first to almost losing in the second, lets go wiz

I would root for the Heat to make the playoffs. It'd be cool to see Wade in the playoffs one last time.
But there's one reason above all else that I hope they never sniff the playoffs

I’ve never wanted the wizards to lose so badly


feels like celebrity allstar game

Here we go.. this last quarter can possibly land us zion

Where is jaylen and terry


YES! Banked three for knock off Kris Humpries. We are all Irish on this blessed night.

the grizzlies blew a 22 point lead
How the shit is that possible
I mean we did it too so
True true, but it’s different when we want it

I don’t know why I was ever worried, you can always count on the Wizards 4th Quarter Tweak

I live in a G League town and get to several games a season. This is a G League game😂

Rofl are they really going to play a dude they signed today

Lmao idiots really thought they could lose to us but the tank never stops!

We did it. Uncle Jeff coming up clutch at the end

I've never been prouder of this team

Finished 0-5 our last 5 and 2-10 our last 12... not bad
They say great teams can just flip the switch and play hard when the chips are down. Maybe the inverse is true for bad teams.

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