Danny Ainge's optimism for the post-season is no BS - he means it!

Danny Ainge keeps it close to the vest when it comes to information he doesn't want to divulge. There may be a lot of words, but little actual substance. But he is no pie-in-the-sky guy when it comes to analyzing his team's chances at success. He is openly optimistic about the Celtics opportunities in the post-season, and he means it.

Danny means it. He really does. We all know the adage: Make the playoffs, and anything can happen. Unlike last year, Boston is heading into the post-season fairly healthy. And the playoffs are a different animal. Anyone taking plays off in a post-season contest will hear about from teammates.

Another adage, this time from life, is: Think optimistically but prepare for the worst. That is what Ainge is saying. He is optimistic, and so am I. Could the team falter in the first round? Absolutely - that is "the worst" just mentioned. Could they go all the way? With the right attitudes and a good measure of luck - yes they can.

Danny isn't shoveling bullshit here. It starts tonight when the Celtics meet the Pacers, their most-likely first-round opponent. Enough wins in the remaining games can gain Boston home court advantage in Round One. This Celtics team is deep and skilled, but they haven't come together as they should have. Hard work, focus, concentration and team play can win games for them.

And finally, on the subject of optimism, if everything goes South this post-season, we have a bright future in the NBA for a number of years. No bullshit - right, Danny!

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Photo via Mike Lawrie/Getty Images