Video: Celtics/Raptors postgame interviews (Irving, Horford, Smart)

Well Kyrie was super polite with former Celtics guard and TNT’s Players Only representative Jason Terry while he asked his first two questions. After that Irving might as well have gone with the classic Rasheed Wallace Both teams played hard" answers as he was very short with all the other reporters. Obviously Kyrie is not feeling the media right now.

Hear from Al Horford and Marcus Smart below.

Videos via MassLive.

MassLive also had the following little tidbit. Make of it what you will

When media were allowed into the locker room, Irving was sitting shirtless at his locker wearing a towel and a pair of ice packs on his knees, dangling his feet in a bin of icy water. That wasn’t unusual -- Irving is often still icing himself down when media pushes its way into the locker room. What was unusual was the presence of Danny Ainge, sitting close to Irving and holding a hushed conversation. As reporters streamed in, Ainge wrapped the conversation up and walked away.

You can read whatever you want into Irving’s words (and lack thereof), and you can read whatever you want into Ainge’s presence. The duo might have been having an important conversation, or Ainge might have just been popping by to say hello. After the team practiced on Monday, the Celtics GM wandered by Smart’s scrum and peaked into a worker’s camera, asking Smart why he was so soft to general chuckles from everyone assembled. Not every interaction Ainge has with his players is an existential moment for the franchise.

But two things were inarguably true following Tuesday’s drubbing: Irving wasn’t happy, and Ainge stopped by the superstar’s locker in the moments following one of the team’s most embarrassing losses of the year. Maybe all of this was a duck. Maybe it wasn’t.