What's the consensus on Jaylen Brown after the confrontation with Marcus Morris?

Let me give you my own analysis of Jaylen Brown, and I will give my readers a chance to voice their own views. We are looking at an NBA player with all the physical tools. He has size, length, physique, athleticism, quickness and overall talent. He also is bright as hell, but he is still young and shows signs of immaturity. One of our readers, Old Dog, accuses Jaylen of sometimes moping, and I have seen that. Another reader, Michael Guetti, states he is tired of Brown's permanent "sulk-face". Does Jaylen occasionally sulk? Yes, he does. And it shows.

I agree with Guetti. Jaylen sulks when things don't work out. But so did Bill Russell. That is why Tommy Heinsohn was often Red Auerbach's target, and Russ rarely was the subject of Auerbach's anger. Sam Jones told me personally that he was thrilled that Red was always on Tommy - since that meant he (Sam) was immune. Bill took criticism badly, and Red knew it. And in case nobody noticed, both Russ and Tommy are still around and vibrant. Red knew how to handle both of them (in different ways), and we saw how it worked. This is what may have started the blow-up between Brown and Morris.

Put Marcus Smart in Jaylen's place. Would Smart have been that slow getting back on defense? You know the answer. NO! Jaylen was moping and sulking. But in Brown's defense, he only got 13 minutes of playing time. In this morning's broadcast of NBA TV, Charles Barkley also defended Jaylen after Brown's 1-of-5 shooting, stating that he never got the chance to get hot. Good point.

Bill Russell was, and is, a very intelligent individual - but a sensitive one. Has it occurred to the Celtics coaching staff and players that trying to jolt Jaylen into finding his way may not be the best approach. Marcus Smart jostling him in practice - Morris pushing him in the huddle - and Brad Stevens giving him only 13 minutes of floor time after Brown's terrific performance in the win over the Pacers one day ago may not be the best therapy for Brown.

My feeling is Jaylen Brown will find his way. Like Russell, he needs to be handled according to his personality and - yes, immaturity. So it looks to me that both Jaylen, his teammates and the coaching staff may need a few minor alterations in their interactions. Give me your thoughts in the Twitter poll and comment section.

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