Per ESPN: Multiple League sources say Anthony Davis will announce preference for Lakers

This what ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski had to say about Anthony Davis' alleged preferred destination via trade:

"...multiple league sources expect the agent (Rich Paul) and star (Anthony Davis) to soon deliver word throughout the league that Davis' preferred destination is the Lakers and he'll become a rental player until 2020 with a trade anywhere else."

There is little doubt that the Lakers will make a concerted push to acquire Davis, but Danny Ainge and the Celtics may do likewise. There is still much doubt as to whether or not the Celtics could trade for AD prior to the deadline due to the Designated Player Rule. The Rule states that a team can have two Designated Players on the roster, but only one via trade. Well, Kyrie Irving, also on a Designated Player contract, was acquired via trade, and that is the sticking point.

But in a previous article, I argued that the NBA had already violated its own Rule by allowing, and sanctioning, The Oklahoma City Thunder to sign two of their players, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, to Designated Player deals when the League only allowed one at that time. The League set a precedent by allowing a violation of its own Rule. That would be an argument by Celtics boss, Danny Ainge, if he truly wanted to pursue Davis prior to February 7.

I have two other arguments on this matter. Davis and his agent, Rich Paul, stating AD wants to go to Los Angeles, if that happens, could simply be a ploy to quell offers and see what develops in the summer. And also, if Davis truly wants to join a winning organization that can legitimately battle for a Title in the coming years, Boston would appear to be a better choice for him.

Discerning reality and fantasy in the coming weeks relative to AD and his request for a trade will be a challenge. Rich Paul is not only Davis' agent - he is friend and agent to the Lakers' Lebron James. But AD and Kyrie Irving have close ties, and that may come into play. Expect daily updates on this saga prior to February 7 and beyond.

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