My takeaways from Chris Forsberg's takeaways on Celtics Christmas song fest

The Boston Celtics song fest at Boston Children's Hospital is absolutely heartwarming. Chris Forsberg had some interesting takeaways from the event, and I will add a bit to them.

Frankly, there is little I can add to #1 in Forsberg's list. Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens work very hard at this. I have a long history with a very young family member spending too much time in the hospital as a child, and now even as I write this, as a young adult. The visit by the Boston crew was enormous for kids in the hospital, particularly during the holidays.

My grand-daughter, Courtney, at this age pronounced it "Toy Tory"

As for #2, my first take is that I am relieved to see Kyrie Irving does not view Christmas with the same dark view he sees Thanksgiving. I love his green hat. And I love what Kyrie does.

As far as #3, you saw the Woody-from-Toy-Story photo above, and where the Hell did Gordon Hayward get his hat. At least couldn't he have a fake gun on his hip, particularly since he has been shooting much better lately?

Chris' #4 tells me that the Celtics have to find a way to keep Guerschon Yabusele on the squad for a long time. I am sure he has down times, but we never see it. Just his presence on the team brings joy, particularly during the holidays. I even tried yesterday in an article to get Teddie Peanut Butter to get Yabu involved in their ad campaign.

I will add a #5 to Chris' list, but I will allow Red Auerbach to tell it:

His enemies never saw it, but Red truly had a heart. His legacy lives on with Danny and Brad. Now, can Teddie Peanut Butter just give Guersch a call!

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