What is going on with Terry Rozier?

Over the past couple of days, reports have come out saying that Terry Rozier is unhappy with his playing time this season, and that the Boston Celtics are looking to trade the fourth-year guard.

As these rumors progressed, at least seven teams were named as possible destinations for Scary Terry. The Phoenix Suns, desperate for a quality young point guard, are reportedly the most aggressive in their pursuit. Shams Charania, writer for Stadium and The Athletic, said, "The Phoenix Suns have have aggressively pursued Rozier, even before firing Ryan Mcdonough as general manager."

That being said, it seems as though Boston Celtics fans have nothing to worry about. Terry Rozier publicly denied the report, saying that he has not complained about playing time, stating, "people that know me know that I would never do that."

It seems as though the rumor was untrue, and Rozier is happy and comfortable with his lessened role as the C's struggle to figure out their offense. General Manager Danny Ainge echoed Terry's sentiment, saying that the point guard never came to him or Brad Stevens in search of minutes.

In addition to this, Ainge also threw out the claims about teams lining up for Rozier, saying that he hasn't received a call for the guard since the season started.

Regardless of where he got his information, Bill Simmons' tweet linked above began the rumor. Thankfully, it seems as though this is just a rumor and nothing more.

Photo: AP Photo/Michael Dwyer