Green Envy: What Bucks fans said - 11/1/18

The Boston Celtics hit a franchise-record 24 three point shots on their way to handing the previously undefeated Milwaukee Bucks their first loss of the season. Giannis was a beast, but the C's limited the Bucks, the best three-point shooting team early in the season, to 9-29 from beyond the arc. Boston has ended two undefeated streaks in the past week, and are looking at a five-game road trip against some tough Western Conference teams on the horizon. With that in mind, lets take a look at what Bucks fans had to say after their team suffered their first loss of the year!


Why does Ojeleye from the Celtics look like a budget version of M'Baku from Black Panther? (M'Baku wishes he was Ojeleye)

Tonight will tell us a lot about this team if they're a possible 60-win team and Finals contenders in the East.

I'm eager to watch KMidds destroy the C's as is tradition (Not so fast, friend)

We may never lose again. (Well..)

Brad Stevens your suit is shit and your tie is too long (Baseless accusations about our future president will not be tolerated)


Projected starting lineups
PG - Eric “Aqua Dagger” Bledsoe (Ha!)
SG - Malcolm “Brogdon” “Our President” “Brogdon” Brogdon
SF - James Khristian “Khris” “Kha$h Money” Middleton
PF - Giannis “The Greek Freak” Antetokounmpo
C - Brook “Brookie The Wookie/BroLo/Muscle Comb” Lopez
Head coach - Mike “Not a Potato” Budenholzer (Can confirm that Budenholzer isn't, in fact, a potato)

We're losing tonight, aren't we? Was so hyped to go 8-0 (Some early optimism from Bucks fans)

I rather us lose (especially to the Celtics) than to remain undefeated especially since our West Coast games start after this (Silly Bucks fans aren't familiar with winning just yet)

Horford is a nerd and drives a Prius ( He's environmentally friendly you uncultured swine)

It's like there's some kind of Belichick-type hex on the rims when we play in Boston. It's crazy

Win or lose, I hope these teams get to play in the playoffs. What an epic battle it will be.

They have had so many open looks it make me wonder if our defensive system is broken.

Tommy Heineken calling someone fat is laughable. (He's a national treasure sir have some respect)

Alright the game is in reach we just need to make another run but knowing the Bucks they'll probably get the lead and still lose.

Damn I knew the last few weeks were just a great dream

We're playing the three really really badly. Especially those slip screens, wide open shots for Boston.

If we never played Boston again I wouldn't be upset.

Wow we've forgotten how to shoot.

I SEE ALL THE HATE ON MY FELLOW AUSSIE Aron Baynes and while I'll admit he's not the prettiest man alive please don't be too mean!..Also let's go Bucks! (Just a little Aussie-on-Aussie love)

Can we drink some of Mike's Secret Stuff or something to get back into this game?

Of course Kyrie comes back to life against us.

Who's worse on commentary, Weber of Miller? (yes)

Start the second half allowing a wide open corner three..Sounds like a good plan guys.

Can't wait to win a game in the Garden (Don't hold your breath)

It seems like Bud SPECIFICALLY instructed them to let their centers take wide open threes from the top of the key.

Now these assholes won't miss a three.

Their half court defense is really slowing us down. Not the greatest half, but both teams are missing shots and it's low scoring.

Celtics defense is no joke. With Kyrie/Hayward being slow they're still winning games off that alone.

Looking like how we played last year, so many pump fakes from three into predictable drives. Then collapsing on defense leaving guys open on the perimeter.

The Bucks are looking like the part of Space Jam when the players lose their basketball ability.

I'm going to say something that might be controversial here...our big men might need to step outside of the paint when they are guarding Horford...I'm just saying.

What were they chanting?

-I heard "Can't be stopped," but I don't know if that's right..

--Yankees suck, they are chanting Yankees suck. (Welcome to Boston)

Another national TV game where we look like garbage? Please no.

If we win, I think the whole national spotlight bullshit is going to start. Every week is going to be "How long until Giannis is in LA?" (Lucky for you, you won't have to worry about that)

Ridiculous, Kyrie hits Kemba shots all night long (I'm sorry, Kemba shots..?)

Yeah, outside of some 4th quarter heroics this is looking like a big fat L. Our three's are just off and they continue to generate good looks and sinking them.

The sheer weight of the Celtics fans is shocking to me. I haven't seen anyone that's not over 300lbs yet. (I resent that)

This chick in the Geico commercial is shooting like the Celtics tonight.

I knew this would end up being one of those games I just lurk on the box score on the ESPN app instead of the pain of watching it live.

Damn, of all the teams to lose to I really don't want it to be Boston.

Celtics are better than us, I mean, we all knew this. It's still annoying, but we just gotta keep beating up on the lesser teams. That's step 1 in becoming a great team.

Man, this would have been another kick in the nuts if the Brewers had played Boston in the World Series and lost. (#DoDamage)

This is when I turn off my TV and sit in darkness. (Welcome to my Tuesday night)

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