Low-key Jaylen Brown hit the high-note versus Pistons

In an article yesterday, I proposed moving Jaylen Brown to the second unit to get more looks on offense. Thank heaven that didn't happen, because with some of his first-stringers faltering on offense, Jaylen took the lead.

Jaylen broke loose for team-high 19 points while shooting 6-of-13 on field goals and 3-of-7 on three-pointers. He was also high-man for plus/minus with a +24.

But what he did on the defensive end on Blake Griffin was even more impactful. He held Blake to a paltry seven points of 2-of-13 shooting. Boston's team defense, particularly by Brown, was stifling.

Blake Griffin's points-per-game average will take a serious hit from this one game. Brad Stevens picked the right man to assign to the Pistons' lead scorer. Jaylen needed this game, and it has been in him all along. And he came through just at the right time, when a few of his comrades were having a tough time shooting the ball. Professor Brown chose last night to make his finest presentation. We will see more of them from him.

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Photo via Chris Schwegler/NBAE via Getty Images