Green Envy: What Oklahoma City Thunder Fans Said, 10.25

Despite an all-time terrible first half, the Boston Celtics stormed back to get their third win of the season over the Oklahoma City Thunder. A come-from-behind win on the road may quell some of the negative talk about the C's, but this was far from a confidence booster. We got a glimpse of what the offense can be in the second half, so lets hope we see more of that going forward. With that being said, lets see what OKC fans had to say about this game. FEED ME YOUR TEARS OKLAHOMA!


This is the starting lineup I called for. Yay!

That's one athletic ass lineup out there!

Splash bitch!!!

Wait...was that...noo..that wasn't ball movement was it?

This is such a good bench lineup. Best we've had in years!

Lets f**k up these leprechauns, thunder up bros!

I like the media overhyping this Celtics team who has the worst offensive rating, raptors are way better than these guys to be honest. (This didn't age well)

Paul George is so smooth man. I wish I could play basketball like him. (Don't we all)

LOL are the Celtics playing high or something?

Kyrie looks like Barkley in Space Jam right now.


I sense a collapse in the second half unfortunately.

Please don't let us lose Thunder

Just when it was looking so good. SMDH

We are running a bunch of nothing right now.

Wow we just lost all of our momentum.

They're gonna blow this lead, aren't they?

No one guarding Horford. Awesome.

I'm worried because I feel like if they even start shooting below average this game is going to even up very quickly. (You should be worried)

We should be up by so much more after that first half

Life hurts too much sometimes

These foul calls really aren't helping us at all..


You can't choose when you play hard. You're in the NBA! There's absolutely no way they score 40 in that quarter if we played with the intensity we did in the first half. This is inexcusable and if this team can't find the motivation to play hard down 0-3 at home, they're not making the playoffs.

I'm shocked zero percent by this. I knew this would happen days ago.

It's so weird how we get so rattled. What is that about? I wonder why we can never adjust back?

So pathetic..

If we give up the lead and lose a close game what are the chances Donovan gets fired?

Great, we've awakened Horford the Thunder killer

It's about damn time we choked this game away, usual Thunder behavior


Welp. We lost.

Lmao! Lottery here we come!

Well that game was painful.

The loss really is as expected. The same as last year.

Somebody hold me..

We are actually the worst team in the league.

Phoenix is going to light our asses up sheesh.

C'mon bro, the fans deserve better than this.

At least we got one step closer to firing Billy.

This is why Durant left (Ouch)

Initiate the tank, boys.


F**K it. At least I got dank 0-4 memes and Red Dead Redemption 2

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