Green Envy: What New York Knicks Fans Said, 10.21

This one almost got away, and while nothing would have changed except the narrative of the season's start, it'd be an annoying week or so to have to ignore all the thinkpieces questioning whether the Boston Celtics are a good team, after all. Somehow the team managed pull out the W despite playing on cruise control for the last three quarters, which was extra-hard for New York Knicks fans, and extra good reading for us. So, with that, let's get to the year's second Green Envy.


Time to end our losing streak
Really I just hope we remain competitive all game. Let go Knicks!
Honestly, if we lose by single digit points, I'm ok. I hope Frank after last night's game attacks even more.

I just hope that our kids play great

hopefully mitch gets some run
and swats some celtics fuckery to high heaven
Celtics fuckery needs to be swatted something fierce

As expected.
Brad is matching Kanter with Aron Baynes.

Jayson Tatum vs Frank… mismatch.
Jaylen Brown vs THJr… mismatch.
Kyrie Irving vs Burke… bwuhahahahaa…

I don’t know. Will it be painless?

How can I forget…
Al Horford vs Lance.
I'd put Frank on Kyrie, no question
but the fact of the matter is we just can’t match up adequately
And Burke guards who??
Some dude in China...


I cannot believe Baynes made that shot.
He’s got form like a middle-schooler.
The NBA should fine Baynes’ hair

This start does not look ideal

First quarter not done yet and 4 different knicks have already missed free throws

Have you tried turning MSG off and then on again?

Every Burke shot is in and out. I’ve never seen anything like this. It has to start falling

lmao we gettin fkin rek't

Hardaway legit never passes


Not Knox!

Fuck this bullshit

there was no bone protruding from sneakers

Hopefully just rolled his ankle.

can't have good things

Kanter refuses to guard 3's

air ball leading to wide open three. Thats rough

The more I see Vonleh, the more I like him

I have a feeling we're losing this one
Strong feeling here too...

knicks can't hit a ft

I can't think of how to use Hezonja's skill.
It’s baffling.
Which skills?
ny of them. He has too many flaws to mask.
Also. What position does he play? I’m baffled.

Jaylen Brown
is such a nice player.

Celtics taking everyone out

The arc on Taytums shot is fucking insane

he giveth and he turneth it over

This starting lineup is losing the knicks the game


Props to the knicks for staying within 5-10 pts


This fucking sucks
I can’t watch this whole thing

I don’t even know what to say
I guess this is the best type of loss

I guess I do know what to say

god damn Tatum is good

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