Second-Spitter Theory emerges in Rajon Rondo-Chris Paul fracas

This is merely conjecture, but a new theory has emerged on the alleged spitting by Rajon Rondo on Chris Paul to initiate the melee at the Rockets-Lakers game last night. It is worth considering.

Yes, that's right. Just as in the Seinfeld TV episode, if spitting occurred at all, Rondo may not have been guilty of firing the flying phlegm. It may have come from elsewhere. There may have been a second spitter.

Does former Mets relief pitcher, Roger McDowell, have an alibi? Was he in the stadium? Let's hear what he had to say about the allegations of spitting on Kramer and Newman:

Hey, we know spit happens. It can be accidental. Anyone can spew spit. Charles Barkley was suspended for one game and fined $10,000 for accidentally spitting on a little girl (he missed his intended target). At this point in the phlegm phenom, it appears that the source of spit was not Rondo. So the Second-Spitter Theory needs to be examined. I would recommend DNA samples be taken, although probably too late - showers and all. Was Barkley anywhere near the fracas?

Here is yet another culprit in the #SpitGate controversy, signaled by our reader, forever_green. An accidental oral discharge by CP3's teammate, Carmelo Anthony. The investigation is ongoing.

The question can always be raised, if you can flop-fake like this, maybe you could exaggerate about phantom phlegm.

Important points here. A scratch and mouth guard would both be pieces of visible evidence. On the other side, no visible spit has been exhibited.

And speaking of scratches, scratch what I just wrote on no visible spit. Info keeps coming in.

And here, apparently, is the clip that is being looked at. In the video, it looks like a small bit of spit comes out of Rondo's mouth in the direction of Chris Paul. Intentional or not? No way to tell.

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