CLPod 75: T-Ro tied to PHO, pre-camp news & best NBA music cities

With three weeks to go before players even arrive at camp, there's not a lot of basketball news to cover.

By now, most of us have read up on Jackie McMullen's excellent series on mental health in the NBA (and if you haven't, you should), and we're pretty sure Terry Rozier won't be in a Phoenix Suns uniform any time soon.

There's Hall of Fame inductions involving former Boston Celtics on both sides of the ceremonies, and a little smidgen of other news around the league we break down in this summer edition of the CL Pod, which is running every-other week in the offseason, at least until things start to heat up, anyway.

But, since the news is not enough for a full-length podcast, we decided to pit the cities of the projected top four teams (the Golden State Warriors, Houston Rockets Toronto Raptors and of course the Celts) plus some classic (Los Angeles Lakers) and arguably forced (Philadelphia 76ers, Washington Wizards and Denver Nuggets) rivalries in an 8-team one-and-done tourney on which city has the!

While you might not know yours truly (Justin Quinn) worked for a decade of his life as a music buyer for several independent music stores, you ought to know about CelticsLife UK correspondent Josh Coyne has a double life as a music podcaster as well, running the Handstamp Podcast in addition to his NBA coverage (seriously, check it out and subscribe if you haven't already).

We hope our combined musical knowledge will convincingly settle the score - we gave it our best, least-biased take, so buckle up and listen to the results in the podcast above, and however you feel about non-basketball-related podcasting, we're under a month to some actual basketball business. 

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