Thoughts from Jaylen Brown's Free-the-Bamboo - Episode 2 - "Make the days count"

In case you missed it, I have become a dyed-in-the-wool Jaylen Brown fan. Having just read a Jaylen-and-Marcus Smart-for-Jimmy Butler trade idea, I realize how ludicrous that move would be. Episode 2 of his Free-the-Bamboo series is out, and it is worth looking at.

I try to learn something new every day, but sometimes just a reminder of what you already knew can have the same value. I got both from Brown's Episode 2. I had forgotten just how much I admired Mohammed Ali and his brilliant quotes. "Don't count the days - make the days count" is one of many. Here is another.

Here are a few other reminders from the video. You can get a tremendous amount of nutrition from one single blended drink. The combinations are limitless, but I always start with whey protein powder, water and orange juice. Some fresh greens or frozen wild (yes - wild) blueberries are a great addition. Never forget, color in fruit and veggies is healthy.

Small, wild blueberries produce a purple-colored drink. Large, cultivated berries do not. A little Bragg's raw apple cider vinegar and a bit of liquid fish oil get lost in the drink and are also fine additions. Calories will be very low if you do it right, but nutritional value will be through the roof.

Jaylen's jumps using resistance bands have a lot of value. The tension in the bands increases as they stretch, so a high-power, high-velocity take-off is vital. Great exercise.

For clients that feel certain exercises exhaust them, I introduce heavy-bag boxing workouts of one minute. Yes- only one minute. I do a form of interval training here, and alternate between slower, hard punches with rapid, in-close punches. A fine lesson in intensity, and this type of training should be included in everyone's regimen.

The hamstring stretch that Brown is doing, lying on his back with his ankle on the trainer's shoulder is a good one - but it needs to be done by a trainer with experience. It can be painful but valuable to anyone with tight hamstrings, which includes a lot of people.

As seen in the video, Jaylen is also getting in some work on his shooting and handles. He looks ready to take the court right now. Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart for Jimmy Butler? - get real! Oh, and more about wild foods. The triplet fawns in the photo found the vegetation on my land up north just fine. We spent a lot of time watching them. They were fascinated by the metal owl.

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Top photo via Maddie Meyer/Getty Images
Bottom photo via Lisa Lane McCarty
Video via Jaylen Brown