Videos: Catching up with the Celtics' offseason goings-on

We're just about through the deadest days of the doldrums when it comes to NBA action, thanks to your Boston Celtics actually having a life - and whoever thought to record a little of it to share with us.

Some of the team is clearly in radio silence mode.

Whether they are spending some quality time with friends and family, locked in a gym somewhere, or doing something else entirely, it's their time, so I hope they enjoy it.

Others, like Jaylen Brown, have been getting in some serious gym time, working out with Tracy McGrady, one of his all-time favorite players.

Jaylen has even been making commercials, like one below he did for Champs Sports in Atlanta with up-and-coming rapper Gunna after a well-heeled early summer that saw him travel around much of the globe in support of the NBA's Global Games. 

We've been hearing plenty about Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving being ready to go, but at least one of them is ready to get down - mostly because they already are (as in, Kyrie shaking his proverbial tailfeather in the Bahamas with Jayson Tatum and Kevin Durant).

But don't worry too much about whether the dancefloor is a good metric for recovery status, we've also got some footage of Kyrie working out with KD in Miami, and he looks pretty solid. Not exactly excited to see Kyrie working out with potential free agents, but it's his summer, and sometimes (OK, usually), a cigar is just a cigar.

Watch the videos above to get caught up with what's been going down, and whether that's your bag or no, there's just 22 days left until training camp.

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