Should IT FINALLY get his video tribute 3/8 vs. the Nuggets?

Isaiah Thomas will finally return to the TD Garden this 8th of March as a member of another team (the Denver Nuggets) able to play against the squad that dealt him to the Cleveland Cavaliers the summer before last.

We all know how that situation played out, with Danny Ainge making what turned out to be one of the best trades in his career as a General Manager (and there's been more than a few big ones) after IT put so much on the line for the Boston Celtics, it's still not clear he's recovered.

Isaiah, of course, was rightfully pissed off, and while it might have been the right basketball decision, the ice-cold move wrankled an already-vocal (arguably too vocal) player while he struggled to fit in on his new team, working his way back towards game shape after shredding his hip (and grill) playing in the 2017 NBA Playoffs for the Cs.

He had a chance to get his moment, a more honorable "thank you", if you will, than hearing he'd been dealt via social media, at the home game early in last season between the Cavs and Celts Paul Pierce's jersey was retired at.

He declined, officially because of his inability to actually play vs. Boston (he was still recovering at that time from the hip injury), but the fact that the night belonged to the Truth (and his supporters who made it clear they didn't think the night should be shared) were almost certainly as much or even more the reason why that didn't happen.

Now, nearly as far removed from his tenure with the Celtics as the stay itself lasted, an opportunity to honor the Little Guy exists early next season, and with no reason other than the things that have already happened with an IT video tribute to eschew one, the question of whether it's a good idea has arisen.

Personally, the dude got a raw deal after being a loyal and dedicated player in a league that seems less concerned than ever for such qualities, and while I don't put that on a pedestal, the sacrifices this man made for his team deserve a moment of reflection. It won't cost the current team anything to do it, and will put some closure on a tough but necessary move made by Danny Ainge.

How are you feeling about such an idea? One too many mentions of Brinks trucks and shithole cities? Or is this the right thing to do? Has the time passed? Did he have a chance and waste it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.
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Image: Brian Babineau/NBAE 
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