Gordon Hayward slamming the ball - the video we have been waiting for

The video comes with a caveat - but with the seriousness of Gordon Hayward's devastating ankle injury, we expect some.

The very-encouraging part is that he is full-tilt 1-on-1 and gets the dunk on the move with coverage. The caveat can be found in the tweet below.

It does appear that Gordon elevates off the right leg, still favoring the previously-injured left one. And not going 5-on-5 certainly reduces the chance of re-injury. Frankly, it just is exhilarating to see him in action!

Brad Stevens has the luxury of bringing Hayward back into full action gradually, and that makes sense. It is at least as much about Gordon regaining faith in the strength and health of his repaired ankle as it is about preventing further damage. Most of us will be holding our breath when he takes to the air in real-game action to jam the ball. Gordon should have a good season.

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Photo via Jeremy Brevard/USA Today Sports Images