Jayson Tatum relives posterizing of Lebron James - "And I was like - Uh Oh"!!!

Jayson Tatum has come a long way in his life for a 20-year-old. But his posterizing of Lebron James in the 2018 Eastern Conference Finals had to be one his high points.

In his Podcast with The Ringer's Bill Simmons, Jayson relived the moment:

I told myself I was just going to dunk the ball - just go to the rim.

I obviously didn't know he (Lebron) was going to be there, but I remember when I turned the corner, I saw him!

And I was like Uh Oh!!!

I just tried to dunk it as quick as possible.

I don't even remember jumping.

I just remember I blinked and dunked on him.

Jayson Tatum, despite only one season in Boston, is quickly becoming an important sports fixture in the city. When you posterize The King in the playoffs, everyone notices.

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