Big Baby Davis going for a second Championship tonight with The BIG3

The BIG3 playoffs end tonight at the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn, New York, and Big Baby Davis' team, Power, take on 3's Company.

Big Baby won a Title with The Boston Celtics in 2008, and this time he will be joined by Cutino Mobley, Corey Maggette and the ever-exciting Chris "Birdman" Anderson. Baron Davis, Drew Gooden, Dahntay Jones and 3's Company will take the court versus Power at 8:00 P.M. ET, and the game can be seen on Fox for those not able to attend.

I had knowledge of The BIG3 but only became a true believer in their League after being contacted first by Ross Lipschultz of Taylor Strategy of California and then by Alex Jacobs of Sunshine Sachs of New York. They represent Fox Sports and The BIG3, respectively, and both proved to be true professionals.

As former NBA star, Clyde "The Glide" Drexler told me, the BIG3 is not a league of old men. These guys are skilled and competitive. As Brian Scalabrine, Capatain of the BIG3 Ball Hogs, indicated to me, "They want to win". That was obvious when I attended a BIG3 game at TD Garden. As Co-founder of The BIG3, Ice Cube talked about the possibility of Kobe Bryant and other NBA stars eventually landing with his league. "If you got the itch, we got the scratch" is what he had to say to those players.

So if you have a no-pro-basketball-in-a-while itch, The BIG3 has the scratch for that, also. And for those Celtics fans who remember Big Baby in his NBA days, even with some extra weight, he still has the moves and determination. The guy can play. And he has a second Championship on the line.

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Image via The BIG3