Watch: Should Tatum worry about his role on the Cs next season?

Should Jayson Tatum be worried about his role on the Boston Celtics next season?

I am not, of course, suggesting he should be traded or that his teammates will have an issue with him, but there's going to be changes coming with a healthy Gordon Hayward joining last year's roster.

I am fully aware finding all these talented players enough minutes is exactly the kind of problem most teams would kill for, but it could become an actual problem if the lip service being paid to the modern iteration of "ubuntu" doesn't actually work out.

Who starts next season? Who sits? I think there's going to be a very San Antonio Spurs-like management of minutes for Hayward and Kyrie Irving, and possibly Al Horford to keep their bodies fresh for the playoffs and healthy through the season, especially early.

Starting may be more of a technicality than anything if everyone's logging about 30 minutes. I expect it to be adjusted situationally, maybe even seeing one or two of the three of Horford, Hayward, and Irving sitting for sub-.500 squads entirely.

There are plenty who think at least two of last season's Hospital Celtics should be sitting, though, when the tip-off happens, and the youngest member of the likely suspects to sit is Jayson.

Watch the video above for a look at what the folks at ESPN's The Jump had to say about the situation, then let us know how you think Brad Stevens will be managing minutes when next season rolls around in the comments below.

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Image: Brian Babineau/NBAE ; video: ESPN
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