Watch: Tony Allen on playing with Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen

Long-time readers of CelticsLife know we dig deep in the summer doldrums to find you content to tide you over until training camp, and the "60 Days of Summer" series of the Naismith Memorial Hoops Hall of Fame is a frequent choice.

This year, they've added a few talks with former Boston Celtics, and we thought we'd start with a look at an excerpt of Tony Allen's talk, now that the ten-year anniversary of Banner 17 has come and gone.

Tony talks about how his situation changed after Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett joined the team, and believe it or not, it wasn't an entirely positive reaction on the Grindfather's part.

He managed to get over the lost minutes pretty quick, however, and we all know how that story played out, but it's still cool to get a glimpse into the mind of a key cog in the 2008 title machine.

Watch the video above to hear all the details of Allen's clip, and keep an eye out for more talks from the Hoop Hall's 60 Days of Summer events.

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Video, image: Official Hoops Hall/YouTube 
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