Videos: Everything you need to know about Robert Williams in Boston

There's been something of an air of mystery about recent Boston Celtics draftee Robert Williams.

Some of it has been good, as a player as talented as "Boo-Butt" (as he is affectionately known) was not expected by anyone to fall as far as he did.

Some of it was bad, related to that fall because of rumors about his work ethic and other issues.

The truth, as it usually is, probably falls somewhere in the middle about the Texas A & M talent, who was seen as a potential lottery pick by many analysts not just this year, but last as well.

Williams would return to school for his sophomore season to grow in maturity - but missing his first Celtics press conference because he overslept suggests he might just have some more maturing to do.

In Williams' recent official introductory presser after his arrival in Boston, Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens break down his future role in the organization, and give us an idea of what they think of his potential, needs, and strengths.

Not unlike a certain other recent Boston draftee, he's also got a fan of Kobe Bryant in his family, though this time, it's his dad and not the draftee himself.

For a city that somehow manages to find itself an underdog despite all their history and roster, Williams should fit right in after his slide to 27th overall on the 2018 NBA Draft.

Watch the videos above for a look inside the present and the future of Boston's first Robert of the 21st century.

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Video: NESN
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