Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart talk comeback win, Brown's injury

Jaylen Brown is by no definition of the word "soft".

Hamstring injuries - even relatively minor ones - hurt, a lot. And they are very, very easy to re-injure.

Heck, even Jaylen's doctor advised him not to play, and he did almost give us all a heart attack just seconds into his entry into Game Two after appearing to limp on a breakaway dunk's recovery.

But with the Boston Celtics in a 22-point hole early, they needed Brown on the floor - and a whole lot more from the rest of the team.

They got it (and the win) to take Game Two of the Eastern Conference Finals from the Philadelphia 76ers.

Watch the videos below to hear Jaylen and Marcus Smart talk on what it took to get the "W", Brown's hamstring, and more.

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Image: Brian Babineau/NBAE
Video: MassLive
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