Laurence Fishburne stars as Doc Rivers and Al Bundy as Donald Sterling in upcoming series on Clippers

Move over Winning Time. There's a new Los Angeles basketball team getting a televison series. Ed O'Neill, Laurence Fishburne, Jacki Weaver, and Cleopatra Coleman will star in the limited FX series starting June 4th. Here is the trailer for the series:

The series will focus on Donald Sterling, his wife, and the woman who led to Sterling being ousted from the NBA. Expect an episode covering the Clippers pursuit of 2008 Boston Celtics World Champion head coach Doc Rivers thrown in there. The trailer looks pretty good I must say.

As with most "based on true events" movies/series whoever gave the most access to the creators will likely be seen in a better light. Then again with reagrds to Donald Sterling there is no way to ever make him look "good."