Watch: Rozier, Stevens talk the comeback win, Jaylen's hammy & more

Despite being up two games to zilch, the Boston Celtics are taking the cautious approach.

They were very nearly were blown out on their own floor, after all, falling down into a 22-point hole, and needed a guy who probably shouldn't even have been playing (Jaylen Brown) and a guy who has hardly played this postseason (Greg Monroe) to dig out of said hole and take the lead and the game.

The Celtics know they won the game through sheer force of will and the coaching of Brad Stevens, but will face the Philadelphia 76ers on their home floor, with the crowd and a hint of desperation to motivate them.

And Jaylen isn't out of the woods yet with his hamstring injury, either. These Celtics have to take it to Philly hard and steal a win on their home court to try to avoid another seven-game series.

Watch the videos below to hear Terry Rozier and Brad Stevens' postgame comments on what it took to win, how Jaylen's leg will be dealt with, and the future series in Philadelphia.

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Image: Brian Babineau/NBAE
Video: MassLive
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