Green Envy: What Sixers fans said - Game 2, 5/3/18

The Celtics followed up their Game 1 beat-down of the Philadelphia 76ers with a huge comeback victory in Game 2. The likely Rookie of the Year had himself a dud of a performance while Jayson Tatum looked like an absolute stud. Naturally, Ben Simmons found himself the biggest target from his own fans after throwing up all over himself and the Sixers finding themselves in an 0-2 hole in Round 2.

Top Three:

it was dumb of them to win game 1. made us mad

I grant permission to a Celtics fan to bitch slap Kevin Hart.

That last 3 minutes the Sixers were playing like they saw Shaq’s feet on the TNT pregame show.

Early Game:

Need to win this. Down 0-2…just don’t see us coming back from that

Please win. Let’s hit more than five three pointers.

pretty sure all Boston did on Monday was open a big ol' can of whoopass for tonight.

Doc said Tatum should have been no.1, oh man.
Big deal. Almost everyone says that.

Barkley guarantees a Sixers’ win. Welp, throw in the towel, boys.

Shaq's feet are things of nightmares.

I pray this is not a repeat of game 1.

a three! it is possible!

Rozier thinks he’s Steph now. I think that’s good news for us.

I have to remember to breathe in and out for these games.

JJ is gonna hang 80 tonight.

Can’t wait till Ben can actually finish

hustle, Dario. Several times we got outhustled Game 1. Not okay. Can’t let them have that edge.

Sit Cap Croatia on the fucking bench on until all Avengers are dead

Hot Take: Jaylen Brown is and will be a much better NBA player than Tatum

The key to basketball is making baskets after the other team makes baskets.
"Score more points" – Greg Popvich

Honestly, where was the foul? No blaming refs, seriously asking for help identifying what they saw?
They saw all the banners in the rafters.

"Celtics are a very good defensive team" remark on a play the Celtics had nothing to do with.
They are so good defensively the Sixers forget basketball fundamentals, like dribbling.

Marco's patented "dribble once and throw the ball at a teammate's knees". Works every time

Marcus Smart is a lousy 3-point shooter. So why is he draning these shots against the 76ers?

I can imagine the smoke coming out of Tommy Heinsolm’s ears with these ref calls/non-calls lol

Let’s keep this up bury them by 30 to destroy morale and head back to Philly
agreed, 5 games sounds good to me

We are prob playing at 60% and we are destroying their little leprechaun bottoms

Rozier ..LOL! My goodness, you arent all that you overrated piece of shit.

If Earl Monroe was "Jesus," is Greg Monroe "Some shit you saw when you were high that felt very meaningful to you at the time?"

more like Marcus dumb amirite?

The adjustments made in this game prove just how good Brett Brown really is.


Cov leaving track marks all over Brown’s back.

Up 20 and Simmons still struggling

Get Simmons out of the Game

Jeez ben, if you're gonna drill Marcus at least make him leave on a stretcher

Why does Smart shoot lights out against us?!?!?

I never ever want to have to suffer through a playoff game commentated by a *effing homer who used to play for one of the teams, again. *Eff Kevin McHale, that is all.
/sixers advance to play cleveland
//"our eastern conference finals broadcasting team will be chris bosh and dwayne wade"
They’ll just clone LeBron and have him do color.
I’m fairly confident that clone Lebron would probably throw a lot of shade at the Cavs.

The Comeback:

What is happening

Did they just give up?

what’s even happening?

That last 5 minutes was sickening

Well that lead was bound to disappear at some point.

That was absolutely the worst experience ever in basketball.

can’t believe we had that huge lead and are just blowing it
correction just blew it

What an absolutely pathetic last 5:00

Can we put out an APB for Ben Simmons? He’s been totally invisible in this game

Ben was extremely disappointing on the past 4 fast breaks. He either is fatigued or unmotivated, literally hanging is head before making any decision to run (jog) back

Simmons isn’t just playing badly. He’s not playing hard. WTF.

Simmons has like… not sure what to call it. Sure as good as he is he will come back in the 4th and win this game.

ROTY? I think not.

Can’t go down 2 zip too the B team Celtics.

I agree with Barkley "The Sixers are so dumb"

Still amazed Horford got away with that 4 step pirouette
Everyone was mesmerized at how beautiful his footwork was, they didn’t call the travel

Somebody remind Marcus Smart that he is supposed to be a bad shooter

It’s not what happens to you that’s telling; it’s how you respond. Character quarter dead ahead.

And the second half has started as poorly as the first ended.

Glad we made adjustments offensively….

we're in trouble

Did we timeshift back to Game 1?

You can’t tout ben and Joel’s and fultzs potential growth and not say the same thing about Rozier brown and obviously Tatum.

…did they really just say simmons has 1 point 1 rebound and 8 turnovers so far??

Starting to trade 2s for 3s again. Not gonna work. What is Ben doing? Low energy Ben.

Dario never seems to know about the shot clock

Ben Simmons is hot trash (today). Both he and Embiid are garbage (today).
Simmons is Rookie of the year though!!! Grab that hardware!

I think Ben is inside his own head. One difference between him and Tatum is Tatum doesn’t have to be "the man" and isn’t subject to the pressure of being one of the two guys expected to carry his team.
He can also get his own shot outside of 5 feet.
And he is just better all around

I'd pay money to see them run a play for Embiid in the post

I feel sick.

Are we sure Brett is alive?

Right now, I’m feeling like the Celtics are going to sweep this series
We have nothing for them. I’m embarrassed we aren’t ready, but their kids are.

I’ve come to accept the fact that we won’t win the Finals this year

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