The season of improbable comebacks continues for Celtics in Game 2 triumph

For those of you who flipped the channel or turned off the Celtics-Sixers game after Boston went down by 22 points in the second quarter, shame on you. Shame. On. You.

I know it's the playoffs, where it's increasingly difficult to erase huge deficits. I know the Celtics' ugly play was excruciating to witness in the late first and early second quarters. At the same time, though, you should know by now to NEVER count out this year's Boston Celtics.

The first 20 minutes or so did not go Boston's way at all. The Celtics were surrendering easy layups, carelessly turning the ball over, and getting lit up by JJ Redick. Mid-way through the second quarter, Philly already had a 93.7% chance of winning the ball game according to the prediction machine.

For the Celtics, though, those odds are actually pretty good! Compared to the long list of other improbable victories they had under their belt, this wasn't the worst up-hill battle Boston has overcome:

6.3% chance of winning? Pshh, that's nothin'.

The amazing part was just how quickly the C's made their deficit evaporate. If you had flipped the channel for five minutes to see how bad David Price was pitching for the Sox, you were probably shocked to find Boston down just five points instead of 20 when you switched back to TNT.

Boston used an abrupt scoring spurt to pour in 18 points within four minutes of playing time, chipping 15 points off the Sixers' lead in the process:

For some reason, Philadelphia head coach Brett Brown didn't call a timeout during the run, so this literally seemed to happen within the span of five total minutes. I mean, seriously. If you blinked for too long, you probably missed two Celtics scores.

While this season has been packed with comeback victories, it's actually been a while since the Celtics have done so in the playoff setting. The 22-point turnaround was their largest postseason comeback in 10 years when, as I'm sure we all remember, the Celtics stormed back to beat the Lakers in Game 4 of the 2008 NBA Finals:

It may not be ideal to constantly find yourself down by so much to begin with, but the way this team overcomes adversity in games has been phenomenal. You can truly never count out this relentless Celtics squad.

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