Is experience really why the Celtics are cruising by the 76ers?

What's been the recipe of success in the Sixers-Celtics series up to the eve of game four? 

Philadelphia has been favored in each and every game, so how is it possible the C's are on the verge of a dominant sweep--Boston's first since 2011?

Well, many 76ers fans think it's the experience--or lack thereof--and youth of their team. While at face value that's possible, the numbers don't actually agree. 

Number of playoff games? The 76ers' roster has amassed 235 to the Celtics' 198. 

Seasons in the playoffs for all players combined? 30-22 Philly.

Then just in general, years of experience in the NBA, the Sixers core has 59 to the C's 39. 

Now, there are a handful of counterarguments that can be made: the players with experience aren't getting nearly as much time for Philly than the ones for the Celtics, see: Horford, Al versus Bayless, Jerryd. Or, the coaches. 

Stevens vs. Brown is pretty lopsided in terms of experience, especially playoffs. While Brad Stevens is still a relatively new coach to the NBA, this is Brett Brown's first playoffs as a head coach and it's been clear that he's been outmatched by the Celtics head man. 

That isn't necessarily because of playoff experience though, Sixers fans. 

Follow Topher Lane on Twitter, @Topher_L. Stats and research courtesy of CelticsLife's Justin Quinn. Photo credit: David Dowe/NBAE via Getty Images.