Watch: Why all the fuss about Jabari Bird? (highlights vs. Bulls, Hawks)

Why, after almost an entire season has passed, are we fussing about two-way player Jabari Bird?

The short answer is he's coming on strong at just the right time, but if you want a detailed answer, you have a few options. You could read the article breaking down why he'd be a great late-season addition to the regular roster we posted last night, as well as Tom Lane's pair of articles discussing who might be on our playoff roster.

You could also just watch these highlight videos produced by Tomasz Kordylewski of Bird's performances over the last two games the Boston Celtics have played, where he mustered some pretty impressive showings, albeit against some of the league's worst rosters. Still, he's a great young talent, and deserves consideration for a spot with the team Boston deploys in the post-season.

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Image: Brian Babineau/NBAE
Video: Tomasz Kordylewski/Boston Celtics
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