Green Envy: What Bucks fans said - Game 1, 4/15/18

It took more than 48 minutes for the Celtics to take down the Bucks in Game 1 of their Eastern Conference 1st round playoff matchup. Terry Rozier turned Scary late, knocking down a huge shot that looked like a game-winner, but Khris Middleton hit a shot from the parking lot as time expired to send the game to overtime. The extra time wasn't enough for Milwaukee though, and the Celtics managed to hold on to home-court advantage with some big performances from their young guns.

Top Three:

Just gonna pour up another glass of whiskey and keep murmuring "Bucks in 6"

Fold fold fold fold. This team should do my laundry

Holy shit.... The Celtics are playing "Yodeling Kid Remix" as a 4th Q pump up. 2018 is an amazing place.

End of Regulation:

wow......we are just that bad

You wanna at least run out after getting crossed Bledsoe?

How the fuck do we play great D then forget about Rozier the last 2 sec

what the heck was Bledsoe looking at? not even paying attention to Rozier, the guy with the ball

Rozie won’t shoot this well all series
neither will middleton


I wasn’t as shocked as I should’ve been when he hit that

Full Slate:

its 1am here and i am ready to f*cking go. BUCKS IN 6!!!!!!!!
Dagobah system?

I'm getting really confident about this series, somebody stop me!
You should be, everyone should be. The talent difference is obvious.

We have the vastly superior team top to bottom talent wise

Accidentally turned on the Celtic broadcast I think…they’re billing it as "Giannis v the Next Man Up"

Charley Barkley predicting Bucks to win the series

are bledsoe laces untied? or just the longest ever

is playoff Henson back? He looks like he cares, which is great

i feel like this series is gonna show the nba how good tatum is. im confident we win but i think he will be a problem

Bledsoe needs to get his head out of his ass

We are just so dumb

Bucks are gonna get swept

Damnit. Nothing's changed

Same ol’ directionless and undisciplined team we saw all year

Not saying we are going to lose, but you confident people, have you watched this team this year? Vs. well coached teams?

I was hoping we were keeping something in disguise near the end of the regular season, but no

Bucks look like deer in headlights in the half court

I love the fake tough guy bit from Morris twins. It’s pretty funny.

26-7 this quarter, wow

Big Boston run coming after the commercial break.

We'd be fine if we could stop being idiots. I think that’s part of our identity, unfortunately.

up 3 points on a team that shot like 14% for a whole quarter, sweet.

we’d be ahead by like 10 if we didn’t have to play Jabari

How many game do you think the Celtics would have won this season with Milwaukee’s coaching staff? 36-42 is my guess
no way are they winning 40. stevens is on another level.

Bucks winning and I still hate them. What an odd vibe they give their fanbase

Our success rate on passing up open 3s for drives is somewhere around 0%

shane larkin so trash. stevens not even letting him touch the ball on offense.
dunno how people can keep underrating stevens. how many head coaches would tell their backup point guard "you’re literally never going to touch the ball on offense in the 2nd half, unless its by accident"

I guess Giannis has decided (or been coached) to stop shooting any 3's in the postseason

I look forward to watching Jabari in Chicago next year, or anywhere besides Milwaukee.

Everyone relax. Bucks will make a run to get this game to within a possession before they give up another run

I wouldn't put it past Horford being the best player in the series

How many steps is Horford allowed to take as he slides his way down low?

credit where credit is due. Rozier and Tatum were amazing, and Horford was pretty solid too
forgot Brown

It took us turning it over 20+ times for Boston to really be in, let alone win, this one.

And the refs decided the game

Refs!!!!!! All fucking day. Boston won the game at the line and with timely awful calls. I have no confidence that we’ll get a fair shake at any point but the Bucks are much better than this bunch of traveling tier 2 hack boxes.

What a disappointing game

Does anyone else feel that despite the loss we should win this series?I just don’t think they have the offensive firepower to stay with us.

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