Celtics draft at #27 poll results - Part 2 - rebounder/rim-protector it is

The results are in on our latest 2-day poll on Boston's choices in the upcoming NBA draft. A rebounder/rim-protector was ahead of the pack by far, taking 71% of the vote. Shooter came in second with 19%. Distributor and defender came in third and fourth, respectively, with 6% and 4%.

I had stressed that the voting should not focus on the best talent available, but rather on what the Celtics need most. We all realize that at #27 Danny Ainge will go for "best available talent", but it is interesting to see what fans think of the Celtics needs.

The next series of polls will focus on specific players that our readers feel would be the best available talent at the #27 spot. We are getting more realistic now. A big man/game changer/rebounder/rim-protector almost certainly won't be available at that position in the draft, so we are looking for your views on the best pick the Celtics can make at that level.

Names already put out thereby our readers include Udoka Azbuike, Wendell Carter, Bruno Fernandez, Mo Bamba, Billy Preston, Moe Wagner and Tony Carr. Some may go prior to #27 and others after, and we all realize Danny Ainge will be unpredictable.

I will only go with names broached by our readers, so send them in via the comment section. Please keep the interaction with other readers at a dull roar and stick to the player and why he is your pick. There will be a series of polls, so you can vote once on each one I put out. There will be four players in each poll.

The mid-to-late first round can go anywhere, but guys like Bamba and Carter will almost certainly go early-to-mid lottery. So look for Part 3 shortly and the accompanying Twitter poll. And let's see what Brad Stevens has come up with to counter the Milwaukee explosion on Friday.

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Photo via Charles Krupa/Associated press