Kevin Garnett instructing & encouraging Bucks Thon Maker - Not now, Kevin!!!

I am kind of kidding here, but couldn't former Celtic Kevin Garnett have waited until the off-season? He has been instructing and encouraging at least some of the Milwaukee Bucks players, including Thon Maker.

At 7'1" and 225 pounds, Maker was seen as a work-in-progress coming into the NBA. Well he progressed suddenly on Friday night when he was instrumental in helping his team overwhelm the Boston Celtics in Milwaukee's 116-92 victory. He scored 14 points and blocked five shots. Where did that come from?

Well some of it came from our beloved former Celtic, Kevin Garnett. The Big Ticket has been working with Thon and other members of the Bucks team, giving them tips and encouragement. I am sure he sees at least a bit of himself in Maker, and he may be correct. But couldn't Kevin have waited until this summer to coach and guide these Milwaukee guys that suddenly seem to have found some solutions to counter Boston's offensive attack that worked so well for two games.

Garnett has gone as far as predicting Thon Maker as a possible future MVP of the League. The following is via Boston.Com's Nicole Yang:

Garnett, in an interview with Bleacher Report in December, went as far to tap Maker as a future NBA MVP. The 41-year-old said the youngster reminds him a lot of himself, “a young, exuberant athlete who has a lot of tools,” and specifically highlighted Maker’s touch, agility, and footwork.

“Thon is going to be the MVP of the league one day,” Garnett told B/R’s Jonathan Abrams. “Mark it down. He has the bones. He has the appetite to be able to chase something like that.”

Okay, Kevin! MVP of the League down the road would be fine for the young man (has his age ever been verified?), but did you have to teach and prod him right now into erupting against an injury-depleted Celtics squad? We loved your talent, intensity, team-work and drive, but you could have held off on this mission until summer. May your hoodie slide off your head on national television.

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Photo courtesy of Milwaukee Bucks